At the end of the Timebox64 xmas 23 contest,here you are the demo with all the animations made by partecipants.
A program to display months and days of 2024 on your C64 with bitmaps from Star Wars
A petscii video with some frames from "A kind of magic" and the tune in background
Watch Star Wars - A new hope's most iconic scene on your c64 in petscii. Music included
Both graphical and sound morse code simulator for C64
A naval-battle clone, with snakes instead ships, written in Basic for C64, for educational purposes
A pong with an evil Commodore logo appearing in the middle
A C64 petscii animation that homages Bruce Lee
A one file demo with a poignant "show must go on" sid in background
A simple C64 game for your kids
A program to display months and days of 2023 on your C64 with bitmaps from Zelda (The legend of)
A cellphone games emulator for C64
A short petscii movie about Star Wars
A basic round game based on Dalek attack, source code available
Spiderclimber: a C64 infinite running game inspired on Spiderman.
Skyrim Calendar for your C64
C64 Customizable Bitmap 2022 Calendar + C64 Koala tutorial + tool to print the calendar in pdf
10blob - another basic 10 lines game, eat or you will be eaten
A functional keyboard piano,with display of notes and animation of keys , in 10 lines of code.
Another basic-10lines game, inspired on One man and his droid original game
A 10 lines/72 columns basic game in the far, far west
Ranatan: a frogger clone based on an anime
Games with 10 lines of code,written for challenges
Save your cows from being captured by evil tiny invaders, moving your farm-ship and shooting!